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1974 Porsche Baby Turbo

After a spectacular 1973 during which the Martini Porsche team’s Carrera was a dominant force throughout the year, Porsche had a problem: The Carrera was still heavier than prototype-class French and Italian cars; and didn’t have the 500 HP it would need to equal their speed. Thinking new rules would require production-based cars for the World Championship, Porsche used their experience with the 917 to build the Carrera RSR, a production Carrera body shell with first a 300-330 HP Carrera RS engine, later turbocharged to the 500 HP Carrera RSR-Turbo, all with a variety of huge wings to keep it on the ground.

This two-year build was a labor of love for renowned Porsche enthusiast Robert Rathe.  Starting with a 1974 911E, it recaptures the spirit of the famed “Baby Turbo,” called that as the baby brother of the Can-Am 917. Producing a reliable 475 HP, the 2.3L engine uses twin KKK (Kuhnle, Kopp & Kausch) turbos and wastegates with a custom air-to-air intercooler; a destroked three-liter crank and crankcase with CNC machined cylinders and JE 2618 alloy pistons; stainless steel intake and nickel-copper exhaust valves in custom-matched heads; and a Tilton Engineering 5-½-inch clutch, pressure plate and flywheel with 6-speed transmission. In short, the perfect updated chassis for historic endurance racing, as its past in Porsche Club of America and Historic Sportscar Racing has demonstrated.

With the Dawe name up front and the classic 911 RSR Baby Turbo look in Martini livery, it’s a car sure to make friends and scare competitors wherever it goes.


- Six cylinder approximate 2.3 liter twin ignition
- 2 KKK European Pro Rally Turbos
- 3 liter custom destroked crank
- 3 liter case
- CNC cylinders
- J&E pistons
- Heads custom modified to fit block with SS intake valves and Monel exhaust valves
- Tilton 5 1/2" clutch, pressure plate and flywheel
- KKK motosports race gate
- Custom air to air intake system
- Six throttle bodies